Congregations and organizations that choose to partner with us are stating that they agree with our belief statements and core values as well as that they desire to actively pursue the mission of the Network.


Congregations and organizations are free to decide on their own level of monetary support.  However, they must have a financial stake in the Network for one of their members to serve on the Leadership Board when a Leadership Board opening becomes available (limited to 7 individuals at any one time).


Partner congregations and organizations are asked to make the Nominating Committee of the Leadership Board aware of potential board nominees from their group.  The Nominating Committee will review board nominees annually.

What is the culture of The 2:47 Network?

  • The Network remains fluid.  It is our plan to shift, grow, and expand as we continue to move forward with our church planting support.
  • The Network is meant to be dynamic.  We all offer different connection points and opportunities.  Together, we can do more.  
  • The Network desires to be an extension of the local church.  We are not a congregation, nor are we a denomination.

It is our belief that network partnership will come in many shapes and sizes.  We believe in local mission leaders making decisions about local mission work.  In addition, we believe that local leaders are free to decide how they will participate in the network.