The network offers mentoring and coaching to local ministry staff and leaders.  We have experienced pastors, mission leaders, and trained mission coaches who are available to provide support and encouragement.


One-on-one Coaching
Our coaches will help leaders set ministry goals, develop action plans, and provide opportunities for ongoing evaluation throughout the process.


Healthy mentoring and coaching come from a heart of encouragement.  Mentoring is going before and pouring in what is absent or missing.  Coaching is coming alongside and drawing out what God has already given.  Barnabas was gifted as a mentor and a coach.  His work with Paul is a great example.  Their relationship in Acts demonstrates the point.  


  • Acts 4: 36 – Barnabas means “son of encouragement.”
  • Acts 9:20-31 – Saul tries to join the disciples, but they are too afraid to let him join them.  Barnabas saw gifts in Saul and helped position him for mission work.
  • Acts 11:19-25 – Barnabas is in Antioch helping the new believers.  He believed in God’s plan for them and encouraged them to keep following Christ.  Barnabas remembers Saul, goes to find him, and brings him to Antioch.
  • Acts 13:9-12 – Up to this point, the men are referred to as Barnabas and Paul.  Elymas the sorcerer gives them trouble, and Paul steps in and confronts him.  This is the first time since Paul’s conversion that he takes charge.  After this point they are referred to as “Paul and Barnabas.”
  • Acts 13:42-52 – Barnabas has guided, mentored, and coached Paul.  Paul now takes a prominent position and Barnabas stays with him even during difficult times.
  • Acts 15:36-40 – Paul and Barnabas argue about John Mark–Barnabas wants to take him, Paul doesn’t.  They part ways, and Barnabas continues his coaching role of raising others like John Mark up as mission leaders.
  • Acts 16:1-3 – Paul begins to mentor and coach Timothy, which continues the mission movement.  He now becomes a “Barnabas.”


Barnabas is an excellent example of how the Holy Spirit works through faithful and encouraging Christ followers to make disciples who make disciples.  Being a “Barnabas” to other people continues to be of great importance in this day and age.  The 2:47 Network will offer all of the participating church planters and mission leaders an opportunity to receive the encouragement they need through mentoring and/or coaching.