Thank you for considering donating  to The 2:47 Network! One of our favorite verses is Acts 2:47 (it’s kind of our namesake verse) which says, “And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved” (Acts 2:47b, NIV).


That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it!  We get to see it happen every day with our 2:47 Network congregations and leaders.  God is motivating people to use the gifts He has given to creatively proclaim the Gospel, to engage Spirit-filled conversations, and to build Christ-centered relationships.  He is adding to the number of those being saved.


Here is a powerful story shared by Pastor Aaron Hannemann from The Gate, a church plant in Ankeny, Iowa, that shows how Acts 2:47 is becoming a reality in their congregational life:


Last year we at The Gate started a men’s rec softball team.  We weren’t well-connected in Ankeny yet so we picked up all the “free agents” that didn’t have a team.  One of these guys was Paul (not his real name). We got to know Paul and his family and he got to know us.  A few weeks after the season ended I invited Paul, his wife Amy (not her real name), and their two daughters over to my house for dinner.  Not long after they arrived Paul asked, “you’re trying to plant a church, right?” This was true, we were just a week from launch day at this point.  “Why yes. Yes we are,” I replied. He said, “I tried to start a business a couple years ago and I imagine there are quite a few similarities.” “Yes, there definitely are some similarities,” and I then proceeded to rattle off a few.  He then said, “Well, you must be kind of eager to get new “clients.” How come you haven’t been pushing Jesus on me?” This took me by surprise but I had an answer. “Well, you see, we have a certain understanding of how the Holy Spirit works.  We simply share the gospel in word and deed and wait for the Spirit to work on people.”


Paul told us that he is an atheist and then proceeded to tell us about his very strict Christian upbringing and his pharisaical father.  He and his wife had been out of church 10+ years. Amy’s family was loosely connected to a church until her youth pastor had a moral failing.  Paul and his family started coming to The Gate that fall and Amy and the two daughters were baptized last March. Paul now identifies himself as agnostic but did stand up at the baptisms and vow to raise his children in the fear and knowledge of the Lord.  Amy is now our hospitality coordinator and has brought a friend into the life of the church. We all praise God for using The Gate to bring this family into the body of Christ!


As you can see, our vision of growing as a dynamic network of Christ-centered communities is being realized!  You can help us live out our mission as we support churches that plant churches. Here’s how… Pray for us. Engage in 2:47 Network leadership gatherings.  Invite new congregations and leaders to join our conversations as well as our Network.


We also ask that you prayerfully consider a financial partnership with The 2:47 Network.  Your financial gift helps provide resources for staffing, administrative support, coaching, mentoring, and new church plants.  It also makes it possible for us to host leadership gatherings and retreats for those interested in church planting.


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