RAIZED, a new church plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin is led by Pastor Eric Wenger.  RAIZED began their planting work in September of 2013.  With a strong focus on relational ministry and loving on their community RAIZED is already making great headway into their community.

St. John is located in Luxemburg, WI where Pastor Carl Brewer faithfully serves this established congregation.  Over the past few years St. John has shown interest in planting and even decided to call Pastor Eric Wenger to plant Raized in Green Bay.

Community of Life is led by their new pastor, Jim McCoid.  Community of Life was a church plant 10 years ago and helped to plant both The Bridge and Raized.  For a small community church in Oregon, Wisconsin they have an amazing heart for large Kingdom impact.

The Gate is a church plant located in Ankeny, IA; a northern suburb of Des Moines.  This effort started in September of 2015 and is being lead by pastor Aaron Hannemann.  The Gate is focused on making disciples of Jesus and reaching the lost with the good news of salvation in Christ.

XrossWay Fitness and Life Center in Twin Falls, Idaho is currently developing their first site.  Their Fitness and Life Center is making the Gospel tangible as they meet peoples needs; heart, soul, mind, and body.  The 2:47 Network is working with XrossWay to develop a new model for church multiplication.

BAREFOOT CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY, a new church plant in Niagara Falls, New York, is led by Pastor Jonathan Haseley.  BAREFOOT began their planting work in November 2015.  Joining Jesus on his redemptive mission, the people of BAREFOOT identify themselves as a family of servant missionaries.  They position themselves to seek, recognize, and respond to what God is doing in their community in order to love, bless, and serve their neighbors.