The 2:47 Network offers a variety of trainings to help you develop leadership skills, gain innovative strategies, and establish new networks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These trainings will provide resources that focus you on God’s mission and energize you for missional living!


Church consultants tell us that the best way to reach the unchurched is by planting new churches. That’s why The 2:47 Network together with Dynamic Church Planting International – – has developed these trainings.

Churches Planting Churches (CPC)

CPC provides courageous teams and congregations with training to plan for and launch new faith communities.  CPC is offered as a 2-day on-site seminar or 10-session online gathering that is designed to fit the needs of the cohort.


CPC has three specific goals.  (1) You will be inspired to go back to your church and begin or continue to give birth to new churches.  (2) You will learn the keys to successfully planting daughter churches.  (3) You will compose a VIP (Vision, Involvement, and Plan) Assignment, applying the concepts learned in this training so that your vision becomes a reality.


Participants will engage in the following sessions:

  • Biblical Principles of Daughter Church Planting
  • Why Churches Planting Churches
  • Answers to Objections
  • What God Could Do
  • Capturing a Leader’s Heart
  • How to Know When It is Time
  • Parenting Mistakes to Avoid
  • Six Step Process of Daughtering
Church Planting Essentials (CPE)

CPE is for church planters who have received a call to plant a new church.  CPE is offered as a 2-day on-site seminar or a 10-session online gathering that is designed to fit the needs of the individual or cohort.


Church planters from all mission field contexts will benefit from this refreshing and hope-filled seminar that approaches church planting from a principle-centered perspective – NOT a strategy-driven approach. Twelve biblical principles of church planting intersect with the four phases of a church plant culminating in the church planter’s development of a detailed Mission Initiation Plan.


Church planters will engage in learning activities which include:

  • Twelve missiological principles of church planting
  • Four phases of a church plant
  • Why plant a church?
  • The Lord of Church Planting
  • Prayerful Planning in Church Planting
  • Vision – Plan – TimeLine Reflection
  • The 3-D Approach to Leadership Development
  • Building a Process of Discipleship
  • Building a Launch Team
  • Avoiding Church Planting Landmines
  • Church Planting Project Management
  • Developing Culturally Relevant Outreach
  • Why Plant a Daughter Church?
  • The Seasons of Church Planting
Mentoring Church Planters (MCP)

MCP is an intensive training designed to equip executive staff, pastors, church workers, and mission leaders in the fine art of mentoring a church planter, domestic missionary, and/or missional leader.  MCP is offered as a 2-day on-site seminar or a 10-session online gathering that is designed to fit the needs of the cohort.


What is it to be a Mentor?
A mentor can be defined as someone who has been where you want to go and is both motivated and willing to help you get there.

  • Barnabas mentored Paul (Acts 9:26-30, 11:22-30)
  • Barnabas mentored John Mark (Acts 15:36-39)
  • Paul mentored Timothy (Acts 16:1-3)
  • Paul mentored Titus (2 Corinthians 7:6)
  • Priscilla and Aquilla mentored Apollos (Acts 18:1-3, 24-28)


In all of these relationships, the mentors came alongside the missionaries, pouring into them their faith, life-experiences, missionary expertise, encouragement and practical counsel. The mentors had been where the missionaries wanted to go and were both motivated and willing to help them get there.


This interactive training is designed to (1) Provide a clear VISION of what God wants to accomplish through you when mentoring church planters (2) Guide the mentor candidates in preparing a PLAN to fulfill that vision and (3) Facilitate the preparation of a MENTOR MAP (Mentor Action Plan) of ACTION PLAN STEPS to fulfill your plan for effective mentoring.


Some of the mentoring modules of this training include:

  • Characteristics of a Model Mentor
  • Mentoring: A More Excellent Way to Build the Temple
  • Born to Reproduce Church Leaders
  • Jesus: The Perfect Mentor
  • Principles of Church Planting
  • What a Church Planter Needs for Spiritual Success
  • How to Recruit and Assess Church Planters
  • MENTOR MAP Writing
  • Mentor Skill Interactives in Triads
  • 3D Approach to Leadership Development
  • Building a Launch Team
  • Four Phases of Church Planting
  • Avoiding Church Planting Landmines
  • Caring for your Planter in the Seasons of Church Planting
  • Communicating Vision
  • Building a Budget for the New Church
  • Mentoring your Church Planter toward a Godly Family
  • When your Church Planter Wants to Quit
  • Effective Mentor / Planter Meetings
  • Twenty Models for Church Planting