About This Project

Study Biblical principles, learn strategies, train leaders, develop networks, and find resources that will give new life and excitement to your ministry.

  • Mobilizing the Mission: Creating a Culture for Church Multiplication
    • Church Planting is the result of carrying out the Great Commission as new disciples are brought into a community of faith, having been taught all that Christ has commanded them. This one-day “Church Planting Introduction” focuses on the urgency and need for church multiplication, as well as basic principles of new church reproduction.
  • Churches Planting Churches: Church Multiplication Training for Sponsor Churches
    • Most intentional new starts are daughter church plants or multi-site plants or new gospel outreach ministries, sponsored by local congregations and/or circuits. We provide high-quality training for established congregations, empowering those courageous congregations to give birth to daughter and or multi-site churches and/or new ministries with Biblically missional, and organizational integrity. This two day intensive seminar includes process time for teams to develop initial plans  for multiplication.
  • Church Planting Essentials
    • This is an intensive on-site training for church planters, which focuses on how to plant a new church and develop a Mission Initiation Plan for the new church. Church planters are encouraged to attend with their team.